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Yoga for Health & Freedom

With Cybèle Tomlinson


The ancient teachings of yoga, which evolved in India thousands of years ago, offer a wonderful technology for health, well-being and freedom. No matter your age, your race, your gender, there is a place for you in the world of yoga. Explore this site to see what options may be best for you.

"After practicing with many different yoga teachers and in many different styles, I have been blessed to be a student of Cybèle's for several years, first in her beautiful studio, and for the past year virtually, twice a week.  Cybèle's calm, heartfelt approach to practicing and teaching yoga, and her ability to administer individual attention to each student, has provided comfort and structure to each of us in our group sessions.  Every part of my body feels nourished after our hour and a half sessions. Cybèle often chooses a thoughtful poem to recite during our meditations, providing an opportunity to go even deeper into the soulful part of the yoga experience."

— Martha 


Tuesday Morning 
Online Vini Yoga

January 30-February 20
4-Week Series or drop-in

8:30-10:00 AM PST
rop-in $22; $80 for series

REGISTER HERE for Zoom link

Wednesday Evening Online Vini Yoga

January 31-February 21

4-Week Series or drop-in
5:45-7:15 PM PST
drop-in $22$80 for series

REGISTER HERE for Zoom link

Thursday Morning In Person Yin/Yang Yoga

February 1-22, 4-Week Series or drop-in, 8:30-10:15 AM PST, drop-in $22; $80 for series Berkeley Yoga Center, 2121 Bonar St, Berkeley, Studio C

Friday Morning Online Yin/Yang Yoga

February 2-23

4-Week Series or drop-in

8:30-10:00 AM PST
rop-in $22; $80 for series

REGISTER HERE for Zoom link

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Tuesday Morning 
FREE  Online Guided Meditation

Ongoing, with occasional breaks
7:45-8:15 PM PST
Please arrive at 7:40, in silence.

REGISTER HERE for Zoom link

Private Consultation

To arrange, contact me at: or



Drop-ins - $22 
Private Consultations: $115/hr


Either pay via PayPal at (please use 'friends & family option so I can avoid a fee) 

Or pay via Venmo at

Or send a check to: PO Box 8028, Berkeley 94707.  Kindly indicate what day and series you're paying for!  

What is Yoga


Yoga has been around for about five-thousand years and comes originally from India. It is probably one of India's greatest contributions to the world and continues to give generously to those who seek it out. Yoga is actually a technology which is designed to meet the needs and interest of the person seeking it out. It can be used to improve health and feel and function better. That's, in fact, how many people start out, and for some, that's enough, and they are happy just to have a way to feel better, and move more easily through life. Others get more interested in the deeper meaning and possibility of yoga, which have to do with inner freedom. Humans suffer, and yoga can give us humans a way to meet our suffering, work with it skillfully, and not be defined by it. Yoga points us toward change in a positive direction. We can change little bit, or we can be dramatically transformed. Everybody's yoga journey is unique. It's all about finding the right teacher and the right way to practice for you, whatever stage of life and health you are in, and whatever your level of interest and motivation. Read below for some of the benefits of yoga practice. 



Strength & Resilience

You don't have to be strong to do yoga: yoga makes you stronger. Different movements and postures work to develop and engage under-developed muscles, while also teaching you to relax muscles that have been habitually over-exerting. Over time, you discover hidden strengths and resources that you may not have known in yourself before. 

Emotional Balance &

A big part of yoga is paying attention. Through sustained and directed attention toward yourself and your experience in the moment, you become more aware of your responses and reactions. You begin to know yourself better, and to see certain emotional and mental patterning that may be limiting you, not just on your mat, but in your life. You learn to be more curious and to explore and try different ways of moving and responding. Skillful practice leads to more emotional balance and ease and opens up your heart and your humanity.

Flexibility & Ease

You don't have to be flexible to do yoga: yoga makes you more flexible. A big component of yoga practice is stretching, and learning to meet your "edge"--the place where there's a limitation and you can apparently go no further. You learn to practice with your edges through paying close attention to your breath and working with it in particular ways that support you in becoming more relaxed and open.

Stress Relief

Modern day living is busy and stressful, and the ancient practices of yoga give specific techniques for calming and soothing the nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system ("fight or flight") is pacified, and the parasympathetic nervous system, more commonly known as the "relaxation response" is activated. Practicing yoga helps many people navigate the stresses of life with more ease and balance.


Every time you get on your mat, you are embarking on a process of cleaning yourself out: Through your intention and your efforts in practice, you generate "tapas," or inner heat, which helps to flush away toxins and tensions that have accumulated inside. Then your system is more clear, and you're more open to new possibilities. Some toxins flush away with just a  bit of effort, while others take a long time.

Peace & Power

As you become clean and clear, you will feel more peaceful and more powerful: these are natural outcomes of yoga practice. Your actions in the world may become imbued by the experiences you have on your mat so that you act more from a place of peace and power, firmness and stability.



Cybèle Tomlinson, Yoga and Movement Instructor

I have been teaching yoga since 1994, and practicing since my early twenties when I first discovered yoga. I've studied different styles, but my heart has landed me in the practice of Vini Yoga, meditation, and Yin Yoga.


I've taught different styles of yoga, including Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, at the Berkeley Downtown YMCA, Kaiser Hospital SF, 4th Street Yoga, Barefoot Yoga, and the Berkeley Yoga Center, which I now co-own. I've led workshops, retreats, private groups, and teacher trainings. Much of my teaching is online; in-person events happen mostly at the Berkeley Yoga Center. I offer small public yoga classes and workshops throughout the year. Because I also love dance and free-form movement, in addition to yoga instruction, I also lead Music & Movement classes as well as Solstice & Equinox Dances & Ritual for Women.

​Yoga, dance, and movement are central and essential parts of my life. Practicing yoga feeds my soul, and keeps my body from falling apart. It also makes me a nicer and more balanced person. I love sharing these practices through teaching, and I love my students, who inspire me every day with their courage, willingness, dedication, and tenacity. 
I've written two books, Simple Yoga and Ayurveda Wisdom. I live in Berkeley with my husband and younger son.

About Cybèle

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Berkeley Yoga Center, 2121 Bonar St, Berkeley CA 94702

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